Saturday, January 15, 2011

so much for the rest of the dump...

so... i'm roughly 60 days away from springer. O M G.

as far as finishing my thoughts on the foothills... i guess i was just surprised at how little we actually needed. i've been looking through whiteblaze ever since the AT bug realllly hit me, back at the end of july. granted, joshua carried the tent, but we didn't really have a whole lot of... well, stuff. the two huge main things that i carried were my sleeping bag and my food bag. my sleeping pad was on the bottom of my pack. two water bottles. that was the vast majority of everything. i had an extra pair of socks.

the only things that joshua had that i didn't carry myself were a tent, the first aid kit, and the water purification system.

so really, if i were going to hike all by myself this march, i'd need to buy a pack, a sleeping bag, a tent, some sort of water purification system, a few band aids and a lot of food.