why hello thereeee

so... meet "us." me and my dog. my dog and me. me and swayze. swayze and me. you get the point.

a lot of y'all already know me, and know us, but for those of you who haven't met us, here we are.

i'm angie. no, it's not short for "angela." i have a college resume a half-mile long (oklahoma state, ole miss, virginia intermont, etc.) and a degree in a less-than-popular field of study that's pretty much led me to wearing a green apron for a corporate coffee house. i'm originally from a small town called terry, mississippi. from riding horses to scuba diving to backpacking, i love being outdoors.

my dog's name is swayze. like patrick, only she's a girl. she's a vizsla. those are pointers. they kind of look like rust-colored weimaraners. she will be six in may. i got her when she was still a puppy from a vet clinic i worked at while i went to ole miss. her then-owner was a sorority girl who didn't have time for a puppy so she boarded her all the time. she eventually realized she wasn't giving swayze the best life possible and did the responsible thing: she put her up for adoption. no one else even had a chance. :) ever since then, swayze's been mine all mine.

i felt compelled to include a picture of jolie in the collage as well. i adopted jolie while working at a different vet clinic in 2009. when i got her, she was extremely malnourished and, at 29 pounds, very underweight. she's a really great dog, but she wouldn't have been able to make the appalachian trail. she overheats way too easily being a boxer, so my good friend nick in southwest virginia agreed to take her. now she gets pity-snuggles on the bed every night and will continue to have a wonderful life. she may even get to join us for a day or two once we get to damascus. :)