the things we carry

this is basically the list of things that will get us to where we need to go. it's not fancy and it's not top of the line, but it will hopefully prove to be functional and practical to get us to katahdin. :) 

swayze's got it easy. she'll only be carrying her food, her kong, and my guide book (so that i don't have to stop and get it out of my pack every time i want to look at it). she won't be carrying any of her water, just 'cause water weighs a lot and it shifts around and she needs to be able to maintain her balance to the best of her ability at all times. ruff wear, the manufacturer of her backpack, states that dogs can carry up to 1/3 of their body weights, but i think the most swayze will carry will wind up being somewhere in the neighborhood of 20%, and that's after we've hiked a while. i'll probably start her out at 10%.

 x  pack: coleman max elate 65L
 x  pack cover: included with pack

 x  tent: msr hubba hubba
 x  bag: campmor 20* down bag, long
 x  pad: therma-rest women's prolite
 x  misc: sponge for soaking up condensation

 x  stove: coleman max micro stove
 x  water: (2) 1L gatorade bottles
     cook pot: 2c pot from esbit
     utensil: spork
 x  bear bag: sea to summit evac 13L dry sack
 x  rope: 50' 550 paracord
 x  carabiner
 x  fire: magnesium fire starter
 x  fire: faux zippo
 x  lighter fluid

 x  guide: the a.t. guide
 x  headlamp

first aid kit
 x  ibuprofen
 x  glucosamine/chondroitin/msm
 x  prescribed painkillers
     asst'd bandaids
 x  ankle brace
 x  moleskin
     (2) 4x4 sterile dressing pads
 x   ace bandage
     roll of gauze wrap
     insect repellant
 x  sunscreen
 x  extra contacts
 x  emergency blanket
 x  set of hand warmers
 x  ear plugs
 x  duct tape
 x  scissors
 x  tweezers
 x  whistle

 x  soap: dr. bronner's
 x  baby wipes
 x  hand sanitizer
 x  plenty o' tampons
 x  eye drops
 x  toothbrush/paste/floss
 x  comb
 x  ponytail holders
 x  mirror

 x  cell phone
 x  phone charger
 x  extra phone battery
 x  camera
 x  charger
 x  transfer cord
 x  memory card
 x  solar-powered radio/cell charger: eton microlink fr160

clothing worn
 x  headwear: the original buff
 x  base layer: sports bra
 x  base layer: ua coldgear leggings
 x  shirt: ua short sleeve tech t
 x  pants: nike tempo track shorts
 x  socks: smartwool hiking sock
 x  shoes: merrell siren sport gtx

clothing packed
 x  headwear: bandana
 x  headwear: hand-knit wool hat from my awesome friend blake
 x  shirt: nike training legend t
 x  socks: (3) extra pair
 x  jacket: military surplus fleece
 x  camp shoes: crocs

 x  pack: ruffwear approach pack
 x  entertainment: kong
 x  food
 x  collapsable bowl
 x  leash
 x  sleeping pad: therma-rest ridgerest
 x  vaccination records
    flea/tick medication